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Infantry Home Services, LLC

Dad & Daughter company

Atlanta, Georgia, United States   |  404-382-0150  |

 We started this company after my father, Philip, retired from the Army. We realized that people are busier and busier these days and do not have time to put things together or fix things as they used to. We would all rather spend our time doing other things.  

As a young professional woman, I realized that I did not have the patience to spend 3-hours assembling something I ordered online.  Nor, did I have the proper tools.  My father was too far away to assemble and fix things, so I found myself looking for honest, professionals friends, with can-do and fix-anything attitudes. I found a couple of people, some are veterans, some active duty, and some just in general handy individuals.  They were always on-time, professional, and willing to trouble shoot any problems I had.  They were so good, my father and I thought it was only right to create Infantry Home Services, LLC and offer their services to you.   

Our goal is to make your life easier.  Let our people do the work around the house for you. We're friendly, honest, timely, reliable, and quite handy.  If there's a problem, we can fix it. If you buy it, we'll assemble it.

Thank you and we appreciate your business!

V.M.R. Smith & ​P.G. Smith (HOOAH)